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Who we are and what we represent.


Behemoth: a creature or being that is monstrous in size and power.Behemoth Boxing was founded by fighters, for fighters. Throughout our whole production process, the fighter is at the forefront of the design. We collaborate with boxers worldwide and we are committed to being a partner on any boxing journey.Each product has been tried and tested in situations that only boxers and fighters alike would experience. With our slim fit tees specifically designed to give you room to turn your body into the shots and our lightweight wraps to protect your tools, Behemoth Boxing will always put fighters first.We aim to bring the boxing community from all around the globe together by providing you with world class boxing apparel.


Power: Boxers are cut from a different cloth, use your power to influence everyone around you.

Be a champion: You’ve seen how world champions enter the ring, and more importantly, how they leave it. Being a champion is a lifestyle.

Support: We believe we are in this world to help each other grow. Support our mental health campaign.

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