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  • The stances: Southpaw VS Orthodox

    Jun 13 2021

    “They ought to outlaw southpaws”- Mickey Goldmill, RockyⅡ Luckily for lefties, the governors of boxing don’t share the same opinion as be...

  • Why Is the Jab the Best Punch in Boxing?

    May 30 2021

    It is no secret that beauty resides in the barbaric sport of boxing. The most devastating punches landed in fights are often the ones tha...

  • The Sweet Science of Footwork

    May 16 2021

    Boxing generally has a rhythmic style to it that is very similar to dancing. Another similarity that both sports share though is importan...

  • What Boxing Gloves Are Right For Me?

    Jan 16 2021

    Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need to Know Boxing, on the surface, seems like such a simple sport. Just two half naked humans punching ea...

  • An Exclusive Insight Into The Bridgerweight Division

    Nov 21 2020

    The WBC have changed the scope of boxing yet again with the addition of their 18th weight class- Bridgerweight.Although it isn’t the mos...