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An Exclusive Insight Into The Bridgerweight Division

Posted on November 21 2020

An Exclusive Insight Into The Bridgerweight Division

The WBC have changed the scope of boxing yet again with the addition of their 18th weight class- Bridgerweight.Although it isn’t the most popular decision made by the movers and shakers of boxing in recent time and is taking fans a while to get used to, the gesture of the new division’s name cannot go unnoticed. The 200-224lb weight class is named after real-life hero, 6-year-old Bridger Walker who protected his younger sister from a dog attack whilst sustaining injuries from the Canine himself.

Understandably, it is a challenge for lovers of such a historic sport to become so accustomed to it changing in the 21stcentury. So, to embrace this change, we reached out to none other than WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman to provide us with exclusive information that every boxing fan needs to know about his organisation’s newest division.

Sulaiman told Behemoth Boxing: “This new weight category is the result of many years of discussions and analysis of data and facts.”

We learnt that Bridgerweight was not a sudden or immediate plan put into action just this year as Sulaiman proceeded: “The WBC took the first step to address this situation 10 years ago when we modified the Cruiserweight division limit from 190 to 200lbs.”

The WBC president explained their decision was made a decade ago as they recognised a substantial weight difference between Cruiserweights and Heavyweights.

Despite the consensus still being in two minds about it, Sulaiman assured us that “This Bridgerweight has been very well received by many promotors and fighters and The WBCis in the process of producing the first set of ratings which will be published in December”. Something to keep an eye out for amongst the huge fights scheduled for next month.

It is apparent that some competitors are itching to hit the ground running in the freshly created division as Sulaimanstated that “There are several requests for fights to compete for the International, the Silver and the world Bridgerweight championship and we are in the process of sanctioning such requests.

“Each WBC affiliated federation will also institute the new division into their championships so there will also be federation titles contested in the near future.” – This means we could be seeing the likes of current EBU Cruiserweight titleholder Lawrence Okolie step up into the unchartered territory of Bridgerweight having conquered the regional title at 200lbs already.

This also gives heavy cruiserweights/small heavyweights the chance to find an in-between and compete for regional/world honours in a category they are most comfortable at.

Now the WBC have shed enough light on how this new weight class fits into the landscape of 21st century boxing, we anticipate who will take advantage of this new opportunity and emerge as the first Bridgerweight champion.

This truly is history in the making.

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