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How and Why We Use Handwraps in Boxing!

Posted on October 04 2020

How and Why We Use Handwraps in Boxing!

How and Why We Use Handwraps in Boxing!

The phrase ‘protect yourself at all times’ is a highly emphasised message of safety in boxing. However, it isn’t just applicable to keeping your hands up and chin down during a bout, it comes down to ensuring your physical well-being before you even step in the ring. Wrapping your hands is a stage in the process of doing so as, if done properly, it guarantees protection to the vulnerable and smaller bones/tendons.

It may seem a few tedious minutes but hand wrapping correctly is essential, so the main two weapons utilised in boxing are not damaged. They are football’s high socks and shin pads as without them we increase the likelihood of injury. 

This was not always the belief as, during the sport’s infancy, barely even gloves were considered as regular boxing equipment. As time progressed though, gloves and wraps were introduced as mandatory gear for a fight. The 19th and early 20th century did not see the flexible, durable, and comfortable wraps we at Behemoth are able to offer but instead used the simple gauze and tape. 

The old-fashioned crepe bandage is a form of hand wraps that is still suggested to be used by amateur coaches around the world and is what I used in my first handful of fights. But if you want to put on the best performance and steer-clear of any hand injury, I advise to look at the higher quality wraps available in this modern era. 

Stability, flexibility and comfort are all the attributes a hand wrap needs to support the boxer the best it can. These traits are encompassed in the Lightweight Handwraps we have in stock that can be bought in various colours. 

Like their styles, all boxers have different methods when wrapping their hands. Some prefer tightness for straight power punches that secures the wrist upon impact whereas others opt for a loose wrapping that allows them to turn their hands in when throwing wide shots. 

Despite all the different approaches, we have comprised a list that instructs boxers from any skill level how to wrap their hands in the simple but effective way.

Distribution of wrapping across the hand is important, you need to wrap the wrist, so it does not bend and fracture when landing a punch but ensure you leave enough to cover the thumb and knuckles. Wrapping the knuckles keeps them separated from each other and prevents them from collapsing over one another when punching.  Remember to spread your fingers during this process too as doing so will create a comfortable tension when opening and closing your hand. Tightness of the wrap is subjective but be careful to not have it too loose to the point where its purpose is defeated. On the flip side, don’t fasten it to the point where there is agitative pressure around the hands and around the delicate tendons between the thumb and fingers. 

Now you’ve learnt how and why we use this integral part of boxing equipment. Happy wrapping! And protect yourself at all times.

Max Taylor / @maxtaylor_sportsgram