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How Do You Start Boxing?

Posted on October 24 2020

anthonyjoshua katietaylor

How to Start Boxing.

All the greats started somewhere. Whether it was Muhammad Ali going to a gym in preparation of ‘whupping’ a thief that stole his bicycle or Floyd Mayweather being nurtured into the sport as an infant from his former professional father and uncle. They started at the bottom with only one option, to practise. And, by choosing the same option, you too can become a great boxer.

Find Yourself a Local Gym-

With over 1000+ gyms established in the UK and even more in America, unless you live in the desert or the North Pole, I guarantee there is a local, affordable boxing gym for you attend. The action of attending itself is harder for the shy, introverted character than others, but doing so is worth it as walking through gym doors and paying a small sub provides you with limitless information, experiences, and camaraderie.

You’ll be welcomed by the staff as soon as you attend and all coaches are experts of the sport and can sculpt you into a foundation-mastered boxer, but you might be lucky enough to be trained by somebody even greater. My coach for example was a regional title contender who beat Joe Calzaghe at amateur level and managed to pass his skillset down through generations.


You must enjoy the sport if you’ve contemplated training in it right? So, study it! Of course, studying can be a chore and boxing is a delight, so it doesn’t have to be gruelling hours of analysis, but just watch a few fights of the legends.

After a few training sessions, you’ll view these a lot differently than others who have never punched a bag or sparred in their life will. So, use that critical eye to up your own game. Do you feel like you are getting caught too often during sparring? Watch Mayweather from 2010 onwards or a prime Pernell Whitaker. Do you feel like you are not getting your 1-2 off fast or powerfully enough? Watch Tommy Hearns do his thing.

Listening and learning from your coaches should come first and will be the most beneficial to you but studying these as well as your own videos from the gym to see what you need to work on won’t hurt.

Turn Up in the Right Gear-

You do not want your garments restricting you. Therefore, turning up in ripped blue jeans and your favourite jumper is out of the equation. What is more suitable is a tee and shorts/joggers these are lightweight clothes that allow you full range of movement and won’t make you overheat. Our products are perfect for the gym, they wick sweat away to keep you feeling fresh and are extremely flexible so you can move freely.

Hand wraps should also be bought before your first training session which you can find on our site, these protect your hands when impacting the bag, mitt or clubmates’ nose. With this, you will have all the gear and some idea going into the gym.

Have the Right Mindset-

Like any form of exercise, boxing will demand motivation but putting yourself through it will give you so much feel-good energy during and after a training session. It is too enjoyable to ever feel like a chore when you’re in there rattling combinations off on the pads. I always deem boxing to be somewhat spiritual and enlightening. In the last round of sparring, the last 10 seconds off giving the bag your 100% is when you understand your true character and your true capabilities. It is not hard to have the right mindset when it comes to it, as long as you avoid the temptation to stay inside and surf the internet for another hour and get up and go then job done.

You Are Good to Go!

That is how to start boxing, it is how the best started and it is how the best will start for years to come. Walking through those doors for the first time might be a little challenging but you can do it, just remember willpower, and work ethic will get you everywhere.

By Max Taylor / @maxtaylor_sportsgram