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The Fight Outside The Ring

Posted on September 14 2020

The Fight Outside The Ring

Canelo fights outside the ring and inside the court this week!
When the face of boxing speaks the people listen. But it is the attention of the judge that Saul Alvarez wants instead of his fans right now as he filed a lawsuit this week against Golden Boy promotions, their CEO Oscar De La Hoya and the streaming service DAZN.

Canelo’s complaint is regarding a breach of his historic $365 Million deal with the now-defendants as disputes ensued over the ranked 1 P4P boxer’s next opponent. One incident included Alvarez wanting to select Gennadiy Golovkin as one of his 2019 opponents which never materialised as the Mexican was oblivious DAZN’s contract gave them the right to reject proposed challengers. Failing to honour the contract throughout this year, DAZN offered Alvarez a mere fraction of the $40 million fight purse that was agreed he would earn in each of the 11 contracted fights. In response, Canelo prompted his promotors to align with other services to stream his fights which Golden Boy failed to do. This incompetence now has the star wanting out with a $280 million settlement- the remainder of the contracted money.

Of course, this is a hard year to make fights with the Coronavirus pandemic meaning no live crowds which would result in no live gate revenue, a usually soaring number when Alvarez steps in the ring.

However, the contract which has been breached entails a detail giving Golden Boy the right to see out the pandemic and schedule a fight for their top dog in the future when it is safe for crowds to return. The cohesion from the promotion here tells us that DAZN are the ones that is forcing Alvarez out of this contract agreement with their difficult decision making. Both companies are bound
together with the agreement though, meaning they will be in as much despair as each other if Canelo’s Maloney firm win the case and sue the defendants.

The case did not get off to the successful start the Mexican was hoping for though as his attorneys made the error of failing to identify the defendants properly. Simply put, the Complaint alleged the LLC as corporations instead of a limited liability company, something the plaintiff have been given time to amend by the judge and will result in a dismissal of the case if it is not.

Many fans who are paying attention to this case believe it to be a deliberate error on the part of the icon’s attorneys and theorise that they will pursue the case no further, building the case as a warning shot at Golden Boy and DAZN that if they carry on restricting Canelo then he will not hesitate to go through court to tear-up their contract.

We will see how the case progresses further and if this theory will ring true or not, the only concrete thing we know right now is that fans want to see Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez back in the ring-even if it is through a TV screen- against high quality opponents. Materialising such a thing might not be possible under his current contract though.