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The Importance Of Shadowboxing

Posted on November 08 2020

The Importance Of Shadowboxing

The Importance of shadowboxing

You will not find a boxing exercise more attribute-enhancing than shadowboxing and that is a fact. From head to foot movement, this training method gives you enough time and space to improve all areas of your boxing game.

Unlike other boxing training methods that simulate a bout, shadowboxing allows you to choose how many punches you throw in what combination and at what time. How you conduct yourself as a boxer in this exercise is entirely up to you which is why it is so helpful once you have learnt the basics.

Shadowboxing improves your punching technique.

If you haven’t heard already, practice makes perfect, as is the case with shadowboxing. You can fine tune what you feel is lacking in your boxing ability by working on the technique numerous times. Feel like your rear hook is coming from an ineffective angle? You can adjust your elbow direction through rattling off a combination against thin air and ensuring you are nailing that certain punch.

What also makes it different from other exercises in this respect too is that you can slow your shots down to analyse the technique and understand where you are going wrong, something I’m sure your sparring partner would not let you get away with.

Shadowboxing improves your footwork

Despite what the heading suggests, footwork is not the only non-punching aspect of boxing that this important exercise aids you with. It can greatly get you in the habit of moving your head and staying evasive in preparation against opponents. Of course, you can plant your feet, stay static and fiercely punch the nothingness that opposes you, but that defeats the purpose. The nature of the exercise encourages boxers to get on their toes and move around visualizing being against a fellow pugilist.

Once again, any part of your footwork that is fundamentally inept can be improved through shadowboxing, for example, it was the key tool that taught me how to switch hit and pivot during my amateur days.

It prepares you for the real thing

Although not as reflective in its simulation of a fight as sparring is, shadowboxing in a ring still gives you the realistic feel of what it is like to carry yourself and showcase your ability when you start fighting.

With the help of visualizing an opponent, several rounds of shadowboxing enables you to set your own pace and choose when you increase your punching volume as opposed to these options being forced on you in sparring.

There is nothing more that brings you enlightenment into your own skill ability, and conduct as a fighter than shadowboxing, with a critical eye and eagerness to improve, this single exercise can increase your boxing game in leaps and bounds thus proving its importance as a training method.

Written by Max Taylor @maxtaylor_sportsgram