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What Boxing Gloves Are Right For Me?

Posted on January 16 2021

What Boxing Gloves Are Right For Me?

Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need to Know

Boxing, on the surface, seems like such a simple sport. Just two half naked humans punching each other in the face with leather, right?

Well, no. As you learn that there is a sweet science to the sport you will also be aware of the finer details too, like the leather either boxer has chosen to fight with.

All Shapes and Sizes.

There are many factors one needs to consider before throwing any old glove around their hands to enjoy the sport and here we outline and recommend what sizes best suit you.

The motto “defend yourself at all times” is upheld to every corner in the sport of boxing and yes you got it, it can even be applied to wearing gloves. Training with gloves far too light can result in serious injury for your hand or for your sparring partner whereas strapping up with gloves high up the oz scale will seriously hinder your performance.

Not to worry though! You will not have to call up Everlast and get them to manufacture a glove tailor made for your hands. I am almost certain that your physical characteristics will fall into a category that sizes have been made for.

Boxing brands help their customers find what fit will be right for them as well, here is Title Boxing’s size chart which is not strict to their brand and can be used when shopping for any gloves.

If, on the rare occasion, you find yourself with a hand circumference that does not correspond to your weight or vice versa then it is best to prioritise safety and opt for the heavier size glove.

Bag & Sparring Gloves: Spot the Difference.

This size chart accounts for both bag and sparring gloves as you WILL need a separate pair for both activities. This is because these gloves are adjusted to serve different purposes.

Bag gloves will always be a lighter oz due to what you are hitting with them. A bag is a lot more cushioned than a cranium (even when surrounded with a headguard) so the gloves will tend to be lighter, giving you a glimpse into your speed and power. Despite this, these types of gloves will still be padded to protect your hands against any possible injury you could face when punching the bag: not hitting with knuckle part of the glove, harsh impact against heavy bag etc.

Sparring gloves are the larger gloves you will find your hands sitting in during a session at a boxing gym. This is to ensure protection for yourself as well as your sparring partner. With the combination of a headguard and a sparring glove, even a flush shot to the side of the head only has the potential to cause you momentary discomfort. Hence the name, these gloves are solely used for the activity of sparring and are catered to simulated fight situations. This is unlike its boxing glove counterpart who can be used for mitt/pad-work and boxercise routines.


Boxing is one of the most unique sports, and that is reflected in the choice of gloves as well. You think just because Canelo and Golovkin weigh between 151 & 175lbs that they will use the exact same 14oz glove? Even at the same size glove you will still prefer one to another. It mainly depends on its comfortability and how you feel you perform in them, but other factors could come into play to guide your choice. This is why we have brands. As a youth I used to think my 8oz RDX bag gloves were magical because of the optimal speed I achieved with my shots using them. Making your choice will come down to the style of your boxing too believe it or not. Even at the same weight, a pot-shotting power puncher might find a different pair of gloves suit him to the ones a silky speedster uses.

Although certain gloves may not be for you, our training gear will always aid you in achieving the best boxing workout you could possibly have. If you are just starting out in the sport, refer to the size chart and purchase separate bag and sparring gloves, and some of our kit whilst you are at it.


Brought to you by Max Taylor / @maxtaylor_sportsgram (IG)